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About Us

John Stewart has been in the meat trade for over 40 years, having been brought up in the business his father began in 1946.

Today’s shop on the High Street in Banff offers award-winning meat products from a skilled butcher, using meat sourced as locally as possible.

The fantastic range of meat and associated products is readily available 6 days per week, with both a retail and bulk price list being available.

In addition, for larger orders, catering pack quantities can also be ordered.

Always available is a popular pick and mix deal, where customers can choose seven items from a specified list for just £25 – a great deal for filling your freezer with goodies like their beef olives and sticky maple steaks.

The bulk-buy price list (for any meat over 2.5kg) is another inexpensive way of stocking up.

If you have any questions or individual requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.